Ashfield U3A Millionaires' Evening 2008

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Millionaires' Evening - 1

On Saturday 4th October, 2008, members and friends of Ashfield U3A took part in an evening's entertainment in the form of a Millionaires' Evening at the Ashwood Centre, Kirkby-in-Ashfield. The evening was hosted by Ripley Lions Association (on behalf of Ashfield U3A) who provided the gaming tables at which members placed bets using the stake money provided. Each player was given a 'nominal 10,000' and had to aim for the maximum possible winnings in the time available. A cash prize was awarded to both the male and female players gaining the most money.

The outright winner gained a total in excess of 2.7 million pounds - a very impressive amount from a starting point of a 'mere' 10,000!

The tables consisted of 'Escalado' (horse racing), 'Black Jack', 'The Joker is Wild' & 'Roulette'.

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