Ashfield U3A Archived Meetings

23 March Clifford Laycock & Rita Turner What the U3A is all about (Inaugural Meeting)
27 April Dr. Chapman The Work of the Coroner's Office
25 May Barrie Brimson The Fire Service
22 June (A.G.M.) Tracey Akehurst Passions, Potions & Poisons - Love & Death in the Garden
27 July Trevor Lee The Golden Age of Radio
24 August Pauline Corby Life Below Stairs at Newstead Abbey
28 September Revd. Canon Alan Haydock It's Better Than Working for a Living
26 October Colin Hornsey Gemstones & Gemstone Craft
23 November Barbara Bradley Lord Byron & His Loves - Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know?
28 December No meeting this month See you next month
25 January Judy Theobold Life and Other Problems
22 February Colin Bower The Humour That Surrounds
22 March (A.G.M.) Mike Corby The Funny Side of Patents (Slides & Stories)
26 April Rodney Cousins Country Quiz
24 May Sandra Hart City of Bees
28 June Margaret Harrison Bess of Hardwick
26 July Peter Hammond Middens & Muck
23 August Aly Greenway Drains, Rats, Smells & Conflict
27 September Kevin Harrison A Right Royal Miscellany
25 October Trevor Lee The Nottingham Empire
22 November Pete Davies Story Teller & Writer
27 December No meeting this month See you next month
24 January Alan L Clayton The 1960s - What the Papers Said (Delights & Disasters)
28 February Jean Henshaw Someone up There Likes a Laugh - The Funny Side of Church Life
27 March (A.G.M.) Margaret Harrison Monthly Menu of Mirth
24 April Colin Bower My Farcical Career as a Cruise Ship Liaison Officer
22 May Richard Papworth Excuse Me Madam - The Story of a Store Detective
26 June Barbara Bradley Local Lives & Legends
24 July Keith Armstrong Adventures I Have Had
28 August Maureen Newton Games & Pastimes Across the Ages
25 September Gillian Proctor Corsetry
23 October Pete Davies Story Teller & Writer
27 November Rosemary Robb Ghosts & Legends
25 December No meeting this month See you next month
29 January Margaret Harrison Life of a Blue Badge Tourist Guide
26 February Tony Hallam A Twist in the Tale - Crooked Spire
26 March (A.G.M.) Freddie Gaunt Grumpy Old Women
23 April Kevin Harrison Wimbledon
28 May Rosanna & Alan Benn Special Edition Chocolate
25 June Pete Davies Storyteller & Writer
23 July Lyla Broadhurst Life in a Two-up Two-down
27 August Neale Mittenshaw-Hodge The Work of a Councillor
24 September Keith Armstrong Life as a Fine-Art Restorer
22 October Driving Standards Agency Driving Standards Classic Talk
26 November Ian Morgan The Pleasure Palace
24 December No meeting this month See you next month
28 January Mike Corby Clocks of the Nineteenth Century
25 February Gerald Hall The Life of the Badger
25 March (A.G.M.) David Tideswell Raising a Family of Bluetits
22 April Tony Hallam Not All Cavalry Men Ride Horses
27 May Graham Fortey Fortey Towers
24 June Liz Garratt Solicitor, Trusts, Wills, etc.
22 July Judy Colby Rags to Riches - a Wardrobe Mistress' Tale
26 August Pam Littlewood Chance, Fate & Imagination
23 September Ralph Needham The Ringwoods of History
28 October Maureen Newton A Backward Glance at Everyday Things
25 November Kevin Harrison Windsor Castle
23 December No meeting this month See you next month
27 January Ian Morgan Footpads, Kings & Highwaymen
24 February Vickie Rouse Derby's Painted Lady
24 March Trevor Dempsey People in the World of Entertainment & Sport
28 April (A.G.M.) Richard Goodhand His Life & Career - ending in Holloway!
26 May Ron Stammers On the Road - Commercial Traveller 1960-1990
23 June [was October] John Simpson Prison Officer
28 July Ann McClary Plants for Healing & Cosmetics
25 August Christine Doughty The Secret Diary of a Deputy District Judge
22 September Keith Arrowsmith The History of Drawing & Painting
27 October [was June] David Darby The Origins of Pantomime
24 November [was April 2012] Colin Hornsey Gemstones
22 December No meeting this month See you next month
26 January Carol Williams Ancestors, Dragons & Chopsticks - VSO in China
23 February Brian Meakin The History of King's Mill Hospital
22 March Trevor Bankton [NO SHOW] Judy Garland
26 April (A.G.M.) Ron Stammers History of the Edwardian & Victorian Seaside
24 May Margaret Hudson Life as a Tiller Girl
28 June Heather Hawthorn My Life with an Accordion
26 July Alan J Dearman Life Before and After Barnardo's
23 August Gordon Asher Being Nosey in Other People's Houses
27 September Lincs. & Notts. AAS The Work of the Lincs. & Notts. Air Ambulance Service
25 October Legal Solutions Solicitor, Trusts, Wills, etc.
22 November Roger Purseglove A Step in the Dark
20 December No meeting this month See you next month
24 January Ralph Needham An Audience with the Celebrated Professor Septimus Ringwood of London - Quack Medicine Seller
28 February Interest Groups A Chance to Talk to Various Co-ordinators
28 March Ted Gray Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire
25 April (A.G.M.) Mike Davey Scenic Postal Rambles
23 May Chris & Janet Smith Our Lives as Dwarfs
27 June David Darby Kindly Leave the Stage - Music Hall Variety
25 July Susan Mallinson Last of the Summer Wine
22 August Maureen Taylor 16th Century Visitor
26 September Jennie Storr Travels with the Colonel
24 October Stewart MacKenzie Talk on the Black Panther
28 November Trevor Lee A Christmas Music Hall
26 December No meeting this month See you next month
23 January Jane Barnes A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer's Wife
27 February Ken Heathcote Dogs for the Disabled
27 March Interest Groups A Chance to Talk to Various Co-ordinators
24 April (A.G.M.) Margaret Harrison A Monthly Menu of Mirth
22 May Sophie Snell Traditional Storytelling
26 June Kate Moore Andes to Amazon
24 July Kay Adlington Champions Are Made Not Born
28 August Graham Keal Oprah Winfrey & Co.
25 September Jennie Storr So This is Tokyo
23 October Pollyanna Pickering Eye of the Tiger
27 November Richard Papworth One Away
25 December NO MEETING THIS MONTH See you next month
22 January Roger Purseglove Road Chef Rodge
26 February Christine Robinson A Housekeeper's Tale
26 March Barrie Jackson Bees & Beekeeping
23 April (A.G.M.) Bob Morley The Owl Experience
28 May Danny Wells Cook's Tours
25 June Bob Russell Mercy Ships - Hospital Ships off the African Coast
23 July Stephen Lovell Gardening & Garden Design
27 August John Taylor So You Think You're British
24 September Cathy McAteer From Russia with Love
22 October Interest Groups Displays A chance to talk to various group co-ordinators
26 November Jennie Storr Jennie's Christmas Selection Box
28 January Dr. Ian Campbell Sugar is Not the Only Enemy
25 February Brian Naylor Heage Windmill
24 March Southwell Workhouse Storytellers Stories of the Workhouse
28 April (A.G.M.) Graham Keal Terry Wogan's Hair Weave & Other Stories
26 May Ian Morgan The Curious World of Old Time Punishments
23 June Andy Smith Life in Music - Guitarist & Vocals
28 July Christine Robinson Chatsworth - A Living Estate
25 August Joan Ward Life Begins at Fifty
22 September Jo Carter Life as a Lady's Maid
27 October Matthew Palmer Watercolour Artist
24 November Tracey Akehurst Pickled, Potted & Canned
26 January Mike Newbold Not Just a Spare Part - Film & TV Extra
23 February Chris Vasper Six Marathons in Six Days - Across the Sahara Dessert
23 March Interest Groups Displays A chance to talk to various group co-ordinators
27 April (A.G.M.) Dave Bonsell Concord
25 May Peter Graves An Embarrassing Case of Mistaken Identity
22 June Roxanne Dinsdale Exploding the Myths and Exploring the Facts - Belly Dancing
27 July Ted Grey Southern Lights - The Antarctic Peninsula
24 August Jean Townsend Henry VIII - Victim or Villain
28 September Barry Davies Saints & Sinners in the Classroom
26 October Barbara Coulam Clerestory Glass - Artist in Recycled Glass
23 November Cathy McAteer Happy Russian Christmas
25 January George Buchanan The History of Hodsock Priory
22 February Kathy Powis Framework Knitting & Knitters
22 March Dianne Mannering Send Us Some Women
26 April (A.G.M.) Barbara Meyer Tigers - Wildlife Photography
24 May John Whitfield The Mitford Sisters
28 June Rosemary Pike Stained Glass
26 July Stephen Booth Crime Novelist
23 August Robert Wood D. Hp Gemstones and Crystals
27 September Lily Ann Daws Dead Men Talking
25 October Interest Groups Displays A chance to talk to various group co-ordinators
22 November David Bell The Plague Doctor

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