Ashfield U3A Committee Posts & Responsibilities

Ashfield Executive Committee Job Descriptions 2018/2019

  • Oversight of the overall management of the U3A through the Executive Committee
  • Ensuring that the aims and objectives of the Third Age Trust are maintained together with adherence to the rules and regulations of the Charity Commission and the U3A's own Constitution

Vice Chairman
  • To deputise for the Chairman in his/her absence
  • Other duties to be determined as appropriate

  • Committee organiser including booking of venues for meetings, and preparation of agendas in consultation with the Chairman
  • Sending out agendas to members together with any discussion papers
  • Checking meetings are quorate
  • Ensuring decisions regarding tasks determined at meetings are conveyed to members for action
  • Maintaining full and accurate records

  • Efficient handling of all financial matters with strong financial management
  • Maintaining full and sufficiently detailed records
  • Prepare monthly reports for Committee and annual audited accounts for the AGM
  • Advising committee on appropriate annual membership fees
  • Presenting Treasurer's report at AGM

Assistant Treasurer
  • Assist the Treasurer in the execution of duties and deputise in absence

Membership Secretary
  • Liaise with Newsletter Editor regarding Newsletter numbers required and distribute to postal members
  • Distribution of notices in relation to AGM/EGM's to all categories of membership
  • Overseeing the operation of the' Meet & Greet' and 'Buddy' system for new members and provide 'check in' sheets for monthly meetings
  • Maintain a database of all categories of membership
  • Liaise as necessary with the Business Secretary regarding Gift Aid
  • Liaise as necessary with the Webmaster, throughout the year, for preparation of Membership cards for new members
  • Preparation of badges for new members

Assistant Membership Secretary
  • Assist the Membership Secretary in the execution of duties and deputise in absence

Business Secretary
  • Link with the Third Age Trust National Office and ensure that information received is relayed to the Committee, and matters of substance verbally reported
  • Organise and manage the Gift Aid system linking with Membership Secretary as necessary
  • Ensure compliance generally with legal statutes affecting the U3A, bringing matters of substance to the Chairman

  • Responsibility for the development, maintenance and data protection compliance of the U3A website and online newsletter, operated through contracted third party data processors 123-Reg, Dropbox and Flipsnack respectively
  • Ensure that site information is relevant and regularly updated in each case

Groups Co-ordinator
  • Oversight of all Interest Groups within the U3A
  • Encourage members to form interest groups that accord with the Object Clause of the U3A as defined in the Constitution
  • Have regard to groups that are deemed to be 'full' by the Group Leader with a view to encouraging the membership to form duplicate groups
  • Ensure that Group Leaders adhere to the U3A's Finance and Data Protection policies as defined in the Constitution and adopted policies
  • Hold meetings with Group Leaders on a regular basis with a view to dialogue and discussion of common issues

Newsletter Editor
  • Prepare monthly Newsletter content in liaison with others as necessary, having regard to Data Protection Regulations
  • Encourage Group Leaders to submit interesting short articles including visual images concerning their group activities for inclusion in the monthly Newsletter
  • Liaise with Webmaster in respect of duplication of information for inclusion
  • Liaise with Membership Secretary in respect of numbers required for distribution to Postal Members

Programme Secretary
  • Resource suitable speakers for monthly meetings agreeing any fees involved to a limit set by the Executive Committee
  • Identify requirements for delivery of presentation and liaise with Sound and Visual Engineer as necessary
  • Arrange parking as necessary
  • Meet speaker, assisting as necessary and introducing to Chairman
  • At conclusion of meeting, pay fee by cheque from Treasurer
  • Assist as necessary and see safely off premises

Publicity and Development Officer
  • Develop and promote ideas and policies that help to enhance the standing of the U3A with all members and the local community
  • Standing representative at meetings of the North Notts Neighbourhood Group and Nottinghamshire Network Group, ensuring that matters of substance are brought to the attention of the Committee

Social Sub Committee Representative and Inventory
  • Executive Committee member with permanent membership of the Social Sub Committee, responsible for reporting proposals of the Sub Committee to the Executive Committee for approval
  • Preparing a written inventory of all resources held by the U3A, including current locations of such items, thereafter undertaking such checks on an annual basis
  • Researching the possibility of locating all resources at a central location

Social Sub-committee Co-ordinator (Non Committee post)
  • Formulate a Social Sub Committee of Ashfield U3A full members with a brief to plan and execute in full social events open to all categories of membership to a maximum annual budget as the Executive Committee so decide
  • Such Sub Committee to include an Executive Committee member who, whilst having a role on the Committee, will also report to the Executive Committee on proposals with a view to securing agreement to proceed

June 2018

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