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If you are you now, in retirement, looking for the next challenge or, at the very least, something interesting to do with your time, why not give us a try? You can atend a meeting without obligation to join, to see if you like it.

Ashfield U3A (University of the Third Age) is a self-help group aimed at providing life-long opportunities for those who are generally over 50 (though there are no age constraints) and no longer in full-time employment. Ashfield U3A meets once a month for a general meeting with topic or speaker, but the real strength of the organisation lies in the interest groups which are small, run by members and allow people with a common interest to meet together with the aim of learning from each other. At present, interest groups include such topics as:

20th Century Singers, Art, Art Appreciation, Badminton, Beading, Board Games, Breakfast, Bridge, Cake Tasting, Canasta, Cardcraft, Classical Music, Craft, Discussion, Dressmaking, DVD Group, Family History, French for Beginners, Gardening & Garden Visits, Holidays, Horticulture, International Dining, Knit & Natter, Kurling, Litter Picking, Lunch Group, Mah Jong, Miscellany, Movement to Music & Yoga, National Trust Visits, Opera, Philosophy, Pickleball, Poetry, Pop Pickers, Reading, Scrabble, Sugarcraft & Cake Decorating, Sunday Lunch Group, Sugarcraft, Ten Pin Bowling, Theatre Visits, Threads & Fibres, Ukulele, Walking Groups, Weekenders, What's in My Papers, & Wine Appreciation. Future groups may include any topic that a few members wish to pursue.

Interest Groups are often started because of the interest of one or two members. They will arrange a short meeting at their home or other venue and invite others who may be interested. The interest group decides how, when and where they will meet and how large the group will be. Some, such as outings groups, may not meet formally at all. Some may wish to pay a teacher; others will pursue their interests as a group, learning from each other without an 'expert' or tutor. The co-ordinator of a group does not have to be an expert, but will ensure that meetings happen and that group members are kept informed.

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New Groups:


Before starting a group, you should inform the Groups Co-ordinator from whom a form must be obtained to give details of your group. This should be filled out and returned as soon as possible to allow a page to be inserted on the website for your new group. This will enable your group members to see the group on the website and allow potential new U3A members to see what is on offer.

Please do not cut out the website by going straight to the Newsletter Editor. This is to ensure that both website and newsletter represent the same group information. Thank you for your co-operation.

Car Parking:


Morrisons have removed their parking meters and there is now a maximum of 3 hours parking.
Aldi restrict parking to 90 minutes for customers only.

We believe that there is also parking available as follows:-

Hodgkinson Road/Festival Hall car park: £1.50 for 4 hours.
Lindleys Lane and Sherwood Street: there is some free street parking.
Kingsway Park: plenty of free parking but a fairly long walk.

Please adhere to parking signs in the Ashwood Car Park, this is because of Fire and Health & Safety Regulations. Please also leave the Speakers parking space free. The entrance road to the car park at the rear of the Ashwood building must be kept clear as this access is required for emergency vehicles.

Please remember that we are not allowed to park in the car park of the Health and Well-being Centre next to the Ashwood Centre.

Posted on behalf of the Committee

Emergency First Aid:

We are pleased to announce that the following members have now attended an Emergency First Aid Course paid for by Ashfield U3A. They have all qualified and now, not only will Thursday meetings be covered, but the groups to which they belong may also benefit if required.

Helena Selby
Colleen Green
Barbara Ives
Hilda Riley
Sue Taylor
Wendy Walker

Group Co-ordinators:

May we respectfully remind you that, from time to time, you should ensure that all members of your group prove their membership of Ashfield U3A (or another Neighbourhood Group U3A) by showing you an up-to-date membership card. This is most important from an insurance aspect, as one member who is not covered by TAT insurance could invalidate the insurance for the rest of the group.

Illness / Bereaved:

Do you know of anyone in Ashfield U3A who is seriously ill or has just lost a loved one? We would like to send out a card on behalf of Ashfield U3A. Please contact either Carole Seymour on 01623-489785 or Rita Lomas on 01623-480338, or send an email to Carole or Rita.

Ravenshead Community Transport:

Ashfield U3A has now registered with the Ravenshead Community Minibus Scheme, and as such, we will receive 10% discount on all our bookings. Any group within Ashfield U3A is entitled to use this facility, which is in addition to the Kirkby 'Our Centre' minibus.

Ashfield U3A Groups Display & Fashion Show - March 2023 photographs are shown below.

Mansfield and District U3A was so successful that, six years after it was formed, it found itself in the position of looking for ways of dealing with the large number of people wishing to join. As a result, and to meet the demand, Ashfield U3A was set up in March 2006.

The Ashwood Centre - 
venue for the monthly meetings

After the first meeting at Sherwood Court, it was obvious that there was not going to be room for expansion and so the committee decided that it would be prudent to seek out a new venue. As from May 2006, Ashfield U3A held its main meetings at Bentinck Miners' Welfare, Sutton Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, where it continued to do so until September 2007, when it became obvious that another venue had to be sought, owing to its ever increasing numbers.

Since October 2007, meetings are held in The Ashwood Centre, Portland Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield. This premises can house a significant increase in membership, is light and airy and has the advantage of being central to the town whilst on one level. It is also just off the main bus routes through Kirkby and can cater for around forty cars, while overspill parking is available in several car parks which are only a few minutes away.

The Ashwood Centre also has a number of other rooms which are available for hire to interest groups, at low cost.

If you would like more information about Ashfield U3A or about how to join, please telephone the Chair, Wendy Walker on 01623-757858 or the Membership Secretary, Ann Smithson on 01623-428585.

Or email U3A Enquiries

Alternatively, request information from the Membership Secretary by filling in the electronic form.

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