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Interest/Study Groups & Programmes

The current proposed interest/study groups are listed below. New members wishing to attend a group should contact the co-ordinator in the first instance. Co-ordinators wishing to make announcements at the U3A main monthly meetings are required to inform the chairman before the day of the meeting.

Anyone wishing to act as a co-ordinator for any group on the list which does not currently have one should contact the Co-ordinators' Liaison who will be glad to offer advice. (See Committee page for current Co-ordinators' Liaison).

Certain groups are designated as Associated groups. These are groups which are either made up of members from multiple U3As and which do not belong to any specific U3A, or whose activities are overseen by a non-U3A person, and are therefore not strictly Ashfield U3A groups.

PHOTOGRAPH: Craft Group Christmas project - 2017.

20th Century Singers NON-UPDATEABLE David Lawson Cutts We will be singing songs from all genres including movies, theatre, country & western, rock & roll and easy listening. Our aim is to peform in concerts, icluding care homes.
20th Century Singers Group further details
Art UPDATEABLE Ron Britton The group's aim is to provide its members with a full programme of art media, tailored to the needs of its members. New members are always welcome.
The Art Group further details
Art Appreciation NON-UPDATEABLE Barrie Jackson Hopefully, the group will have a mix of talks by members about artists, art periods and specific works of art, as well as gallery visits.
The Art Appeciation Group further details
Badminton NON-UPDATEABLE Colin Hooper The group's aim is to provide its members with an opportunity to play badminton on a weekly basis with other interested U3A members.
The Badminton Group further details
Beading NON-UPDATEABLE Chris Carr The group's aim is to provide its members with an opportunity to make beading jewellery of all kinds.
The Beading Group further details
Board Games NON-UPDATEABLE Marian Wilson The aim of the group is to provide a social environment in which members can participate in playing board games with others of a similar disposition.
Board Games Group further details
Breakfast NON-UPDATEABLE Geoff Cree Late breakfast meetings are generally held on a bi-monthly basis at 09:30 at varying venues and give members an opportunity to get together and chat about various aspects of the U3A.
The Breakfast Group further details
Bridge NON-UPDATEABLE Sheila Pegg Sheila Pegg runs this bridge class for beginners. Anyone interested in joining is advised to contact her in the first instance. They are a very small group and sometimes need to cancel due to members being on holiday or having other commitments.
The Bridge Group further details
Cake Tasting NON-UPDATEABLE Sue Hooper A chance to taste new cake recipes. Each month will feature a different theme with 2 members supplying the cakes. Contact Sue for more details.
The Cake Tasting Group further details
Canasta NON-UPDATEABLE Geoff Cree New members, whether beginners or experienced, are all welcome.
The Canasta Group further details
Cardcraft NON-UPDATEABLE Carole Seymour The aim of the group is to learn how to make lovely, hand-crafted greetings cards. All materials and instructions are provided. New members are welcome.
The Cardcraft Group further details
Classical Music NON-UPDATEABLE Ron Walker The group meets each month to listen to all types of classical music, and watch video performances. Members are encouraged to make requests.
The Classical Music Group further details
Craft NON-UPDATEABLE Pam Annable This group's aim is to give members the opportunity to meet one morning per month to work to a theme on a craft chosen by the members.
The Craft Group further details
Discussion NON-UPDATEABLE Marian Wilson Members bring along cuttings or articles from newspapers or magazines and say a few words about each, before going on to discuss some or all of the topics.
The Discussion Group further details
Dressmaking NON-UPDATEABLE Lynne Jackson The group is designed for those who sew or have sewn in the past. It is not suitable for complete beginners as the focus is on fit rather than dressmaking.
The Dressmaking Group further details
Dressmaking 2 NON-UPDATEABLE Lynne Jackson The group is designed for those who sew or have sewn in the past. It is not suitable for complete beginners as the focus is on fit rather than dressmaking.
Dressmaking Group 2 further details
Dressmaking 3 NON-UPDATEABLE Lynne Jackson The group is designed for those who sew or have sewn in the past. It is not suitable for complete beginners as the focus is on fit rather than dressmaking.
Dressmaking Group 3 further details
DVD Group NON-UPDATEABLE Sylvia Smith The group meets at the home of the co-ordinator, Sylvia Smith, in Skegby to watch more thought-provoking films in the 'World Cinema' genre.
The DVD Group further details
Family History UPDATEABLE Trish Tootell The group meets to inspire people who are interested in history and support those who wish to follow the footsteps of their ancestors, and those who want to trace local, industrial or social history. It also provides help by suggesting new avenues of research and the opportunity to share experiences.
The Family History Group further details
Friendly Gardeners UPDATEABLE Pam Annable The Friendly Gardeners' Group aims to share a love of gardening to broaden members' knowledge of plants. This is an opportunity for members to share with others their expertise relating to the subject.
The Friendly Gardeners Group further details
Holidays UPDATEABLE Caroline Rhoades The Holidays Group has now been taken over by Caroline who has arranged a programme of holidays, both at home and abroad.
Holidays Group further details
International Dining UPDATEABLE Julia Porter & Georganne Barlow With an outing each month to various restaurants in the area, the aim of the group is to give members the opportunity to taste the cuisine of other cultures which they might not have otherwise chosen. The group meets in the evening, at times to suit the venues chosen.
The International Dining Group further details
Knit & Natter NON-UPDATEABLE Angela Atkin Members meet twice a month to share in the art of kinitting whilst enjoying pleasant conversation.
The Knit and Natter Group further details
Kurling NON-UPDATEABLE Carol Mumford Kurling is a version of the original sport of curling, giving members the opportunity to play the game on a flat surface not involving ice.
The Kurling Group further details
Litter Picking NON-UPDATEABLE Sally Hill Equipment is provided. Litter pick in your own area or occasionally as a group litter-picking blitz.
The Litter Picking Group further details
Lunch NON-UPDATEABLE Carol Chamberlain The lunch group meets monthly at various venues to socialise over a varied cuisine to be determined by its members on a rota basis.
The Lunch Group further details
Mah Jong NON-UPDATEABLE Jacquie Chapman The group meets twice each month to play Mah Jong - new and experienced players welcome.
The Mah Jong Group further details
Miscellany UPDATEABLE Sue Taylor This group has been set up to explore venues, attractions and activities which may not be covered by other groups.
The Miscellany Group further details
Movement to Music and Yoga NON-UPDATEABLE Pam Sapey The group meets on the first Thursday each month.
The Movement to Music and Yoga Group further details
National Trust Visits UPDATEABLE Trish Tootell The group was primarily formed to provide visits to National Trust establishments by coach, either for National Trust members or non-members. Entrance fee is not included, as many U3A members are also National Trust members who have free entrance to all properties. Non-members will need to pay for themselves although a group rate will be negotiated.
The National Trust Visits Group further details
Opera NON-UPDATEABLE Stephen Cooke This group is to view full length operas at home, refreshments provided, with possible visits to local operas. It is suitable for both those new to opera and experienced opera goers alike.
The Opera Group further details
Philosophy NON-UPDATEABLE John Barsby This group is an introduction to six philosophers, both ancient and modern.
The Philosophy Group further details
Pickleball NON-UPDATEABLE Chris Chamberlain Pickleball is an upcoming sport, giving members the opportunity to play the game at a local venue.
The Pickleball Group further details
Poetry NON-UPDATEABLE Robin Tyne This group meets once a month to read poetry, either from text books brought by members or written by members. The sessions are held at Teversal Scout Hut, 1 per session includes tea & biscuits.
The Poetry Group further details
Reading UPDATEABLE Sally Hill The aim of the group is 'to encourage members to read books which they might not otherwise choose. Sometimes these will be prescribed reading, with all members reading the same book, but at other times, members will be asked to choose a book within a genre.'
Reading Group further details
Scrabble NON-UPDATEABLE Margaret Nunn The Scrabble Group was formed to cater for those with an interest in the game, in order to play on a regular basis.
The Scrabble Group further details
Sugarcraft/Cake Decorating NON-UPDATEABLE Stella Daft The group is experienced and new members would be expected at least to have attempted some projects before joining, although some help could be available for novices.
The Sugarcraft & Cake Decorating Group further details
Sunday Lunch Group NON-UPDATEABLE Jean Wass The sunday lunch group meets monthly to socialise over a varied menu at local venues.
The Sunday Lunch Group further details
Ten Pin Bowling Group NON-UPDATEABLE Brenda Cole & Philip Brewin The ten pin bowling group meets monthly. We will need to know the number attending each session so the bowling lanes can be booked prior to the date.
The Ten Pin Bowling Group further details
Theatre Visits UPDATEABLE Barbara Ives A programme of visits has been arranged by the co-ordinator.
The Theatre Visits Group further details
Threads and Fibres UPDATEABLE Susan Day The aim of the group is to introduce members to a new textile craft every 3 months, sharing their expertise with a short project which can be completed over this time and inbetween, so that they can produce a finished item.
The Threads and Fibres Group further details
Ukulele NON-UPDATEABLE Geoff Tootell The aim of the group is to promote an interest in learning to play the ukulele The co-ordinator is an accomplished musician who has played in a group for a number of years.
The Ukulele Group further details
Walking Group 'A' (7-9 miles) UPDATEABLE David Porter & Chris Chamberlain Moderate walks of 7 - 9 miles. Please arrive by 9:50 a.m., with a packed lunch and a drink. Walkers share cars to reach the starting point of the walk. Members are encouraged to volunteer to lead walks.
Walking Group 'A' further details
Walking Group 'B' (6 milers) NON-UPDATEABLE David Riley The 'Six-Milers' walking group offers walks between 5.5 and 6.5 miles.
Walking Group 'B' further details
Walking Group 'C' Strollers (1-2 miles) NON-UPDATEABLE Sue Taylor The 'Strollers' walking group offers walks between one and a half and two and a half miles.
Walking Group 'C' further details
WIMPS - What's in My Papers NON-UPDATEABLE John Barsby The group meets to discuss articles and events currently in the newspapers.
The WIMPS Group further details
Wine Appreciation NON-UPDATEABLE Geoff Cree Development of members' knowledge and enjoyment of wine through formal and informal tastings of wines, by specified groups or grape varieties. The evenings have an informal and friendly, sociable structure and are rotated around the homes of members.
The Wine Appreciation Group further details


Below is a by no means exhaustive list of groups which are run by other U3As up and down the country. It is intended to inspire members to co-ordinate a group of their own. If you see something which you feel you could contribute to, why not take the plunge and give it a go? There is plenty of help and advice available to get you started. Remember, all it needs to make it happen is one person who is willing to co-ordinate and two or three like-minded individuals and you've got a group! Areas which may already be catered for by Ashfield U3A Groups are shown below in red.

PLEASE NOTE: Before starting a group, you should inform the Groups Co-ordinator from whom a form must be obtained to give details of your group. This should be filled out and returned as soon as possible to allow a page to be inserted on the website for your new group. This will enable your group members to see the group on the website and allow potential new U3A members to see what is on offer.

Please do not cut out the website by going straight to the Newsletter Editor. This is to ensure that both website and newsletter represent the same group information. Thank you for your co-operation.

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